Fall Resource Roundup

It’s fall, y’all. Here at Trevero, we are enjoying chilly weather and using rainy weekends to spend a few hours on the couch with a new leadership book. We wanted to share some of the resources we love right now with you, our Trevero fam. Pick one that catches your eye, grab your favorite fall beverage, and spend some time considering a different perspective. We hope you’ll be inspired by what you read, watch, and listen to. 1. Should you encourage rebellion in the workplace? If you’re looking to explore eclectic but sophisticated leadership topics like this one, here’s an interesting list of books that will stretch you mentally and challenge you as a leader. 2. For any of you who use DoorDash, whether personally or at work, here’s an interesting update about how the company is opening ghost kitchens where restuarants can cook. 3. Customer service is no longer one department; it must be ingrained in every single member of the organization. Here’s a list of articles and case studies showing how companies are evolving.  4. If you haven’t yet listened to the podcast Love Works Here, a great starting episode is this one on Accountability. 5. Finally, a TED talk with the ever-relevant title: How to Get Your Brain to Focus.

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Sylvia Laurence
Sylvia Laurence is a Leadership Development Consultant for Trevero and worked for three years in a strategic consulting role at Chick-fil-A. She has a diverse background in marketing and customer service for the restaurant industry, working with two regional chains – Red Hot & Blue and Sticky Fingers Smokehouse. People are her top priority, and she has used this focus to launch new businesses across the country and help them set a foundation for their ongoing marketing strategies. She is a CORE Assessment consultant and an expert in training team members to utilize their CORE energies for greater performance.

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