About Us

Our Core


We know no man or woman is an island. In today’s fast-paced and digital world, we stay true to our roots of prioritizing relationships and putting teamwork at the forefront, because, to be successful, we need everyone in our organization working together with a shared passion.

Customer Focus

Because we value and protect the relationships we have with our customers, we create and cultivate truly foundational partnerships critical to any successful relationship in business or in life.


Talent is always changing, and in our industry, we strive to stay ahead of the changes, not react to them. We understand that a “one-size fits all approach” to coaching and consulting does not work, so we find innovative ways to meet our client’s unique needs.

Love What You Do

The driving passion behind our vision and our values comes down to this – loving what we do and being passionate about helping people grow to be their best. We believe in making work fun, and we value the relationships we form with our coworkers and clients.

Our Team

Our Story

The driving force behind everything we do at Trevero is people. Our mission is to cultivate leaders, teams and organizations to perform at their highest level. We believe everyone has a place where they can thrive at work and in life. Every individual has their own capabilities and goals, so we seek to help people find fulfillment wherever they are. We view change as necessary and positive. It is our goal to build opportunities for our people and our clients as we continue pushing forward and to have fun while doing it.

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Josh Cole

Joshua Cole helped found Trevero during his time working as an Organizational Development Consultant with The Resource. Driven by a desire to cultivate people to achieve their greatest potential, he began his journey into leadership consulting in 2014 after 10 years of experience working for Chick-fil-A. He has worked in a coaching and consulting role with over 100 Chick-fil-A Operators and leaders. He is a CORE Assessment consultant and uses that knowledge to focus organizational culture on people and service, conduct one-on-one coaching sessions, assist in the creation of talent management strategies and produce team development training classes.

Sylvia Laurence

Sylvia Laurence is a Leadership Development Consultant for Trevero and worked for three years in a strategic consulting role at Chick-fil-A. She has a diverse background in marketing and customer service for the restaurant industry, working with two regional chains – Red Hot & Blue and Sticky Fingers Smokehouse. People are her top priority, and she has used this focus to launch new businesses across the country and help them set a foundation for their ongoing marketing strategies. She is a CORE Assessment consultant and an expert in training team members to utilize their CORE energies for greater performance.

Cameron Bowman

Cameron Bowman is a Leadership Development Consultant for Trevero. He studied communication and psychology at the University of Arkansas and proceeded to work with firms in Fayetteville, AR that allowed him to use his impeccable communication skills and client-relations savvy. Passionate about people and growing leaders, the move to the Atlanta area was an easy fit. With a successful career in marketing and public relations, combined with nearly a decade of developing church and community leaders as a pastor, Cameron has the unique ability to understand that what truly drives growth is how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to communicate to.

Becca Askew

A Tennessee native, Becca graduated from the University of Memphis with a degree in Organizational Leadership. She now lives in Franklin, TN where she is involved in ministry at Church of the City. With a heart for both leadership and her community, Becca also spends time mentoring high school students through Young Life in Franklin.

Before coming to Trevero, Becca spent eight years leading Chick-fil-A restaurants specializing in leadership and operational development. In her time at Chick-fil-A, she trained and led teams at several franchise locations, Grand Opening restaurants, and company-operated transitions. For the next three years, Becca served as a Financial Operations Analyst at Ramsey Solutions where she developed operational initiatives for Financial Peace University.

Becca became a coach because she desires to share what she knows about life, leadership, and business with others. When she partners with someone, she is not afraid to give the tough feedback that will move leaders forward toward their goals. Her vision is to help leaders become the best versions of themselves so that they can add value and experience transformation in their personal lives, their businesses, and their team members’ lives.

Dario Calabro

Dario Calabro is a Leadership Development Consultant at Trevero. He recently graduated with a Master of Science in Business Management from Wake Forest University School of Business. Dario also received his undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Wake Forest University. This combination of Business and Philosophy has given Dario critical skills and creative knowledge to tackle and solve modern-day business problems. He has marketing, finance, and organizational consulting experience within international businesses and top financial institutions in the United States.

Personally, Dario is passionate about Business Ethics, consulting, workplace organizational behavior, leadership development, and finance. He is also a classical and jazz musician and has performed across Europe and North America. Moving forward, Dario aspires to leverage his passion for philosophy and business to catalyze positive growth and leadership within people and businesses.

Kathy Hartung

Kathy Hartung has worked for over 33 years consulting teams and organizations all over the country. She has a proactive drive for finding solutions and continually uses her extensive knowledge and experience to help individuals achieve their highest potential. Kathy’s expertise is in high demand, as she attends frequent speaking engagements every year. She is an expert CORE Assessment consultant, giving her a unique ability to utilize The CORE energies of team members to build solid foundations for her clients.

Elise Griffin

Elise is originally from Winston-Salem, NC, and after 4 years in Georgia, now resides in Winston-Salem again. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration – Entrepreneurship from Liberty University. She worked in Chick-fil-A Leadership for 3 years and has served as Guest Experience Specialist at Impact 360 Institute, a gap-year program, coaching students in Georgia through various lifeseasons and roles.

Elise is passionate about leadership and people-development, specifically in the area of cultivating self-awareness within individuals. She cares deeply about meeting people where they are, and working with them to achieve their goals. She holds a certificate in Essentials in Life Coaching from the Professional Christian Coaching Institute.