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Podcast Roundup

#1. How to break a habit (3 minute video)

Key takeaway: Before breaking a bad habit, first pay attention to the cues and triggers influencing that habit (environment, time of day, and overall patterns)

#2. Three unexpected reasons people don’t ask questions:

Key takeaway: We often assume that when someone comes to us with a question, we must know and give the perfect answer on the spot. Not true! This assumption leads to excessive, unhelpful advice-giving instead of probing deeper, finding the root issues, and letting the problem-solving process take place.

#3. EntreLeadership Podcast – Everyday Millionaires

Key takeaway: Ordinary people (even teachers!) can achieve extraordinary wealth. Follow Chris Hogan on Instagram for extra inspiration.

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Sylvia Laurence
Sylvia Laurence is a Leadership Development Consultant for Trevero and worked for three years in a strategic consulting role at Chick-fil-A. She has a diverse background in marketing and customer service for the restaurant industry, working with two regional chains – Red Hot & Blue and Sticky Fingers Smokehouse. People are her top priority, and she has used this focus to launch new businesses across the country and help them set a foundation for their ongoing marketing strategies. She is a CORE Assessment consultant and an expert in training team members to utilize their CORE energies for greater performance.

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