The CORE™ Assessment

What Is It?

The driving force behind everything we do at Trevero is people. Our mission is to cultivate leaders, teams and organizations to perform at their highest level. We believe everyone has a place where they can thrive at work and in life. Every individual has their own capabilities and goals, so we seek to help people find fulfillment wherever they are. We view change as necessary and positive. It is our goal to build opportunities for our people and our clients as we continue pushing forward and to have fun while doing it.

Our Core Values


We know no man or woman is an island. In today’s fast-paced and digital world, we stay true to our roots of prioritizing relationships and putting teamwork at the forefront, because, to be successful, we need everyone in our organization working together with a shared passion.


Talent is always changing, and in our industry, we strive to stay ahead of the changes, not react to them. We understand that a “one-size fits all approach” to coaching and consulting does not work, so we find innovative ways to meet our client’s unique needs.

Customer Focus

Because we value and protect the relationships we have with our customers, we create and cultivate truly foundational partnerships critical to any successful relationship in business or in life.

Love What You Do

The driving passion behind our vision and our values comes down to this – loving what we do and being passionate about helping people grow to be their best. We believe in making work fun, and we value the relationships we form with our coworkers and clients.

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