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Trevero offers an individual approach, working to know your employee’s strengths and needs then coaching them towards growth, offering one-on-one leadership coaching. Our approach is highly personalized — helping individuals understand what naturally motivates them, understanding as well how they communicate, learn, make decisions, teach and lead within a group.

Armed with this self-knowledge, employees are more empowered leaders, ready to work within teams to grow business and drive the bottom line. At the same time, employee dedication and commitment increases, allowing them to contribute to a strong culture and employer brand for their company.

Together, Trevero and The Resource become the go-to partners for Employment Brand Consulting, Leadership & Executive Coaching and Team Development.

Trevero addresses three truths of employee development and satisfaction— engaged employees, maximum potential, and stellar performance. The work we do with organizations is transformational.

Leadership & Executive Coaching


We offer leadership coaching for any leader, whether they have been in leadership for decades or just started their first leadership role. Our first level of Leadership Coaching is geared towards directors, managers, team leaders and shift leaders. For those leaders ready to take a deeper dive, we offer Executive Coaching which takes a more targeted approach to the challenges business owners and executive leaders face both personally and professionally. Our coaching is designed to help leaders become more self-aware through The CORE Assessment, develop their leadership and business acumen, grow in their personal life and help them achieve greater results.

Team Development


We offer The CORE Experience for any organization looking to develop one or multiple teams. This training focuses on: self-awareness, emotional intelligence, productivity, and building trust. After taking the CORE Assessment, we will conduct a deep dive into each of the four energies to help individuals effectively work with and truly honor one another.

Employment Brand Consulting

We offer consulting services to help business owners and leaders create and implement an effective talent management plan and build a strong employer brand for their organization. With this plan, we help leaders determine: employer brand and strategy, target talent market, recruiting methods, on-boarding methods, training methods, development methods, retention methods and succession planning. By addressing talent management issues and teaching effective
strategies, Trevero helps business leaders attract, develop and retain the talent needed to run
their businesses.

"A God-given ability to discern situations and offer wise counsel."

- Jamie Ochsner
Business Owner, Grand Rapids, MI

"Superior to the best in the coaching industry."

- Ross Parrish
Owner/Operator Chick-fil-A Stanleyville


"Proved vital in working with my team and me on creating the restaurant's Team Member Development."

- Brad Slate
Business Owner, Dallas, TX


"They have changed the way we look at hiring and staffing. With and direction, we are confident we’re hiring only the right people for the job!"

- Jerry Schroeder
enCompass Advertising Agency


"There is no greater contributor to happiness and fulfillment than the alignment of your CORE nature to every aspect of your life."

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