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Trevero is a consulting company offering personalized coaching, development and training services. We help individuals unlock their potential in work and in life by revealing the central truths of how they operate. It all starts at the CORE, our groundbreaking assessment that definitively measures a person’s true, unchanging nature. By leveraging the innate preference and suitability of a person, we can ensure they will naturally perform at their highest level.

"A God-given ability to discern situations and offer wise counsel."

- Jamie Ochsner
Business Owner, Grand Rapids, MI

"Superior to the best in the coaching industry."

- Ross Parrish
Owner/Operator Chick-fil-A Stanleyville


"Proved vital in working with my team and me on creating the restaurant's Team Member Development."

- Brad Slate
Business Owner, Dallas, TX


"They have changed the way we look at hiring and staffing. With and direction, we are confident we’re hiring only the right people for the job!"

- Jerry Schroeder
enCompass Advertising Agency


"There is no greater contributor to happiness and fulfillment than the alignment of your CORE nature to every aspect of your life."

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